miscellaneous man

miscellaneous man: www.miscmanllc.com
miscellaneous man has been battling "honey-do-lists" since 1998. do you have a chore that is outside your comfort zone but that is too small for a contractor to take on?  do you have a list of chores that need attention but don't want to call five different specialized people and spend the time meeting each one?  do you need someone who you know you can call when new problems arise?  if so chris  may be able to help!
"christopher has been a helping me attack interior design projects pretty much since we met, he is a hard worker with an excellent work ethic and is always reliable. while christopher is my husband he is all the best and most versatile handy man i know."-nathalie
to learn more about chris take a look at his website: www.miscmanllc.com
miscellaneous man

{mlt} photo studio

{mlt} photo studio: www.mltphotostudio.com
{mlt}photo studio is a full service photography studio shooting architecture,
advertising and fashion photography. {mlt} photo studio is owned by
photographer meredith thompson a graduate of new england school
of photography and the university of massachusetts dartmouth.
"meredith is a certified professional photographer and shot all of the photographs
on this site, she is also a graphic designer. she worked with me on the design of
my logo, business card, letterhead and envelope, as well as the construction
and design of this website. she has been a pleasure to work with and i am
excited to continue doing business with her as a.lestage interiors continues
to grow." - nathalie
to learn more about meredith visit her website www.mltphotostudio.com
{mlt} photo studio
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